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Robert S.J. Hamerton Memorial Achievement Award


Bob Hamerton is remembered for the encouragement he gave to others, for his keen competitive nature, his sense of humour, enthusiasm, and love of swimming which he shared with many. The main requirement for this award is that if Bob were to make the selection, the recipient would be very deserving of it. It is not the intent that this award be given out every year, only if, in the opinion of the committee, and/or M.S.M. President, that the nominee submitted warrants it.


The selection criteria for the recipient of the Bob Hamerton Achievement Award are as follows: ♦

“Most improved” swimmer in your club. A swimmer who is striving to improve his/her own personal goals, through stroke improvement and consequently, has achieved improved times at swim meets. ♦ A swimmer who willingly gives of herself/himself to promote Masters Swimming through volunteering within their own club or assisting the provincial body (i.e. timers, etc.) ♦


Reflecting on Bob’s characteristics, the recipient should display friendship, a good sense of humour, and above all enjoy comradeship of fellow masters swimmers.


The coaches of all Manitoba Masters Swim Clubs should submit the name of the person(s) as well as a summary on each person who fits the criteria, to a committee or M.S.M. President for final selection. Selection of the person must be made prior to the Provincials Master Swim Meet so that the award may be presented at this time.

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