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Masters Swimming Manitoba

Bob Hamerton Achievement Award


“For almost six decades your name has been associated with swimming. Throughout those years you have served with merit and distinction, raising the standards of competitive swimming as well as public interest in this growing sport.” - Sterling Lyon - Premier of Manitoba - 1981.


In 1936, Bob became the first Manitoban to qualify for the Canadian Olympic Swim Team at Berlin. At the Olympic Trials in Montreal, Bob smashed the Canadian record in the 200 metre Freestyle with a time of 2:18, thus securing a spot on the Olympic team. Always a keen competitor, Bob established World, Canadian, and Manitoba records at the Masters level. As of 1991, many of these records, including the World Record in the 800 metre Freestyle are still in Bob’s name.


Bob shared his enthusiasm and love for swimming with many. Over the years, he gave generously of his time coaching three swim clubs; the Saskatoon Swim Club, the Cardinal Swim Club, and the St. James Seals Masters Swim Club (now Assiniboine Masters). For fifteen years he was chief timer with C.A.S.A. Manitoba Section. He also loved coaching and working with the handicapped children.


As well, Bob instructed for the Royal Canadian Life Saving Society. Bob’s legacy to this sport he shared his life with - the encouragement he gave to others, his keen competitive nature tempered with a sense of humour and an enviable precedent of setting world class records over a 60 year span - are reasons this achievement award has been created.

Masters Swimming Manitoba

Bob Hamerton Achievement Award


Recipients: •

 1991 Sophia Munro M.M.A.C. & Gerald Sitter A.M.

 1992 Virginia Tate M.M.A.C. •

 1993 Grant Cosby A.M. •

 1994 None •

 1995 Leah Barnlund MidCan •

 1996 None •

 1997 Pauline Gray A.M. & Bob McGillivray MidCan •

 1998 Rob Fulton A.M. •  1999 None • 2000 Francie Palmer MidCan • 2001 Catherine Kerr W.M. • 2002 Bob Groff MidCan   2003 Ben Van Den Bosch M.M.A.C. •

 2004 Jack Spence MidCan •

 2005 Brian Leier M.M.A.C. •

 2006 Steven Stothers M.M.A.C. •

 2007 None •

 2008 Sally Boulding Beluga Masters • 

 2009 Paul Boulding Beluga Masters •

 2010 George Dyker A.M. •

 2011 Clarice Rubin M.M.A.C. •

 2012 Alan Einarson A.M. •

 2013 Lesley Clark A.M. •

 2014 Karen Goulding A.M. • 

 2015 Peter Doig M.M.A.C. •

 2016 • None 

 2017 Rod Reyes MMAC

 2018 Bozidar Modrcin Mid Can

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