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Minutes of the Board Meeting January 29th, 2014

Approval of Agenda [Bob/George, Carried] Approval of the minutes from November 6th, 2013 meeting [Lesley/George, Carried]

Old Business:

Assiniboine Masters Pentathlon: Richard Perron reports that the Penthlon held on January 24, 2014 went well. The number of swimmers was down to 39 this year and the finances are not all sorted out yet but they should break even.

Jaring Timmerman and family were very pleased with the event and thankful to the club.

The Timmerman family has invited Assiniboine Masters and all Masters swimmers to attend a reception at St. James Centennial Pool on April 5/14 at noon to show their appreciation and to share in celebration of their father.

MSC Report:

Bob Groff has been informed that the government is not satisfied with the election process used to change the constitution and wants the election repeated.

Club affiliation is mandatory for all Master swimmers and the club designation has to be clearly defined.

Payment to Mid-Can for AGM: A request to MSM for $500 for holding the MSM AGM at the Pop Sidwell was made. But, the meet did make money and the AGM was not formally held at the reception. Therefore, Bob Groff’s motion for a monetary contribution dies for lack of seconder.

Winnpeg Masters--Sherbrook Pool status: David Kerr reports that the roof repair, that prompted the closure initially, is not the only repair that the city wants addressed. The pool’s deck, plumbing and electrical are also slated for upgrades. The pool will likely not re-open until 2016. The club will continue to swim at Sargeant Park Pool (Cindy Klassen Complex)

Survey Monkey—additional suggestions: Each club should hold mock competitions, practice starts etc. to make any swimmer new to competing more comfortable about entering meets. Rules of meet should be posted New swimmers DQ’d in meet should receive a Dairy Queen gift certificate—just for fun.

New Business: Website costs: Motion to pay up to $100/year for website [David/Doug, Carried]

Nationals: Paul Boulding and 1 from Brandon are going to the Nationals in Windsor, ON.

World Meet: Paul and Sally Boulding are attending the World Meet in Montreal,QB. Interest in forming a provincial team is there and any interested members should send their names in to Bob Groff.

Awards for 1,2,3 for Provincials: Clubs have the ability print out results themselves. Much information can be found at:


and Honours for Jaring: Assiniboine Masters are looking after a plaque for Jaring. Other possible honours may be the Manitoba Aquatic Hall of Fame and MSC Hall of Excellence.

Provincials-- order of events: Sheila provided the event schedule and will be finalizing it this weekend.

Tentative Dates for MSM meets in 2014/2015:

Pop Sidwell: November 22, 2014

Kay Kerr Pentathlon: January 23,2015

Provincials: March ?? 2015

Next Meeting: Wednesday March 19, 2014 at 7:30 pm Pembina Village Restaurant Adjournment

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