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MSM Minutes

Masters Swimming Manitoba

Board Meeting - January, 2013


Greg Giesbrecht - Chair, George Meldrum, Bob Groff, Ben Van Den Bosch, David Kerr, Lesley Clark, Richard Perron


Wenda Dickens, Rhonda Leger

Old Business

Item 1.

Pentathlon - Being run by Assiniboine Masters

  • Entries were due on January 14th, extended to January 21st

  • All clubs are requested to encourage participation in events

  • All clubs are encouraged to ask for volunteers (contact Karen Goulding <>)

  • Meet manager software has proven to be a bit problematic

Item 2

The City of Winnipeg has expressed an interest in meeting with all of the clubs. This should be coordinated through Masters Swimming Manitoba. Action required.

Item 3

Swim Manitoba would like to meet with the clubs to discuss the direction of masters swimming in the Province. MSM may want to invite Darin Muma to our next meeting. Swim Manitoba can help clubs with the resources necessary for offering training clinics. Action required.

Item 3

Coaching certification

Although certification for coaching masters swimmers is not required at this time it will likely be required in the near future. An on-line certification is being developed and should be available soon.

New Business

Item 4

Remembrance page

MMS can offer space for remembrance pages for past swimmers.

Individual clubs, through their executives, would submit the remembrance page information.

Note! Clubs submitting information for remembrance pages should receive clearance form the next of kin prior to any submissions.

Item 5

Promotional Brochure, a brochure advertising masters swimming that could be included in, for example triathlon packages, should be developed. Bob and Greg will look into this. Action required.

Item 6

Clubs should pass on to their membership that a Calendar of Events is available on the website.

Note! Provincials will be held April 21-22, 2013.

The next meeting is scheduled for Wednesday, March 20nd, 2013 at Pembina Village Restaurant at 7:00 pm.

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