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MSM Minutes

Master’s Swim Manitoba

Minutes of the Board Meeting

March 20, 2013

Attendance: Greg Giesbrecht- Chair, Wenda Dickens, Rhonda Leger, Bob Groff, Richard Perron, Ben Van Den Bosch, Sheila Saperstein and Darin Muma

Regrets: Lesley Clark, David Kerr, George Meldrum, Karen Armstrong

  1. Approval of Agenda [Bob/Wenda, Carried]

  2. Approval of the minutes from January 2013 meeting [Bob/Richard, Carried]

  3. Old Business

  4. Catherine Kerr Pentathlon – Three records were set. Approximately 50 swimmers participated. The Mona Lisa restaurant was enjoyed by all afterwards.

  5. Remembrance Page (Website) – no response as yet

  6. Promotional brochure (tri-athletes and marathoners) – Greg and Bob presented a mock-up flyer promoting Masters Swimming in Manitoba. Richard offered to investigate prices and print the flyers at the U of M. A motion was put forward to include a copy of the flyer in various triathlon and marathon packages.[Wenda/Bob, Carried]

  7. Calendar of Events MSM-Thank you to Bob for building a facebook page for MSM

  8. New Business Arising

  9. Darin Muma, Executive Director- Swim Manitoba: Darin outlined what Swim Manitoba is all about. The purpose of the organization is to sanction swim meets, help run meets, provide insurance through Sport Manitoba, as well as building swimming and coaching development policies. Coaching certification is now mandatory according to Sport Canada. The coaching module for Level 1 (Age Group 101) is in its final stages. The course will be $300, as pool and classroom rental will be required. A Masters Swimming version will also be developed catering to mature adult swimmers. Darin has asked that he be contacted directly with any questions or concerns regarding any of the above mentioned items and emphasized that Swim Manitoba is there to facilitate access to resources. A stroke and turn clinic specifically for Masters Swim Meets, for example, could be coordinated by Swim Manitoba.

  10. Karen Armstrong, President –Swim Manitoba: Earlier this month Karen sent out a survey to club presidents and board members asking for input in order to improve communication and relationships with clubs in the province. The Swim Manitoba initiative asked:

  11. What is SNM doing well? Our response: SNM website and staff are very helpful

  12. What could SNM do better? Provide support for HyTek Team Manager Software

  13. In the management of your swim club, what issues could SNM assist in resolving? Issues with pool lifeguards (at Pan Am pool in this instance) Greg is responding on our behalf.

  14. Awards: A motion was put forward to nominate Lesley Clark for the Bob Hamerton Award [Bob/Richard, Carried] A motion was put forward to nominate John Schwandt for the Pauline Gray Memorial Award[Bob/Wenda, Carried]

  15. The Provincial Swim Meet is April 20/21, 2013. More swimmers are needed and feedback is wanted.

  16. Vice President Vacancy – We are looking for volunteers.

  17. Next Meeting: Wednesday June 5th, 2013 7:00pm at Mona Lisa Restaurant

  18. Adjournment 8:40 pm

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