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MSM Strategic Planning Session

Strategic Planning Session will be held January 13 2018

9:30am – 11:30pm MSM Mission Vision Values Mission/Purpose - A statement of why MSM exists, at the most meaningful level. It is aspirational, in that it can never be fully achieved. In this way, the purpose states why the organization does the work it does, but does not define how that work is to be done. Current MSM Purpose Statement: The purposes of the Masters Swimming Manitoba are: to promote fun, fitness, health, fellowship and participation among adult swimmers to give guidance and leadership in the direction, development and execution of programs for non-competitive and competitive adult swimmers in Manitoba to encourage the development and use of facilities for swimming, in general, and for masters swimming, in particular. Does this accurately reflect MSM’s purpose today? (This is just to get you thinking about what’s to come at the session) Is this inspirational and meaningful? (This is just to get you thinking about what’s to come at the session) Vision - A clear, specific, compelling picture of what MSM will look like at a specific time in the future (one, two, or five years), including those few key metrics that define success. It defines key results achieved and yet to be accomplished, the expected impact to the membership, and it describes specific behaviors that MSM must display to be successful. A clear vision defines what is within or outside of MSM’s bounds. Values - The boundaries within which MSM will operate in pursuit of its vision. It is critical to distinguish between core values (those on which MSM will never compromise and is willing to pay a price to uphold) and aspirational values (those that MSM has yet to live up to in day-to-day operations). To be meaningful, values must be described in clear behavioral terms. 11:45pm – 12:45pm Team Lunch 1:00pm – 2:30pm Strategy for 2018/19 Strategy/Goals & Deliverables - A clear plan that describes the path by which MSM intends to reach its vision. Strategy determines such things as resource priorities, MSM structure, and what issues get attention.

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